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Magee Leadership Solutions
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Sally's Approach

Sally coaches and develops leaders to help them understand the true value of their natural talents and how to apply them to any challenge they are facing. She draws upon her own “Signature Theme” strengths to work with teams and individuals.

responsibiity word map

Sally's "Signature Theme" Strengths

Input and Relator

  • She gathers INPUT from project leaders and stakeholders through one-on-one confidential interviews and surveys
  • She utilizes her RELATOR skills to deepen the relationships and build trust with her clients
  • Futuristic and Achiever

    • Using her FUTURISTIC talents, Sally helps leaders visualize what “success” looks like and articulate their vision
    • Through facilitated discussions, she enables leaders to determine what it will take to ACHIEVE their vision and how to overcome obstacles they may face

    Responsibility and Focus

    • She ensures teams take RESPONSIBILITY to follow-through on their commitments to make the vision become reality
    • She keeps team members FOCUSSED and on track, working together toward consensus

    Sally's Core Values

    As a life-long LEARNER herself, Sally draws upon her natural curiosity to gain insights as she works with leaders and teams

    She truly has the BELIEF that she can change the world, one person at a time