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Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project Los Angeles, California

8.5-mile, $1.3B Lump Sum, Design-Build Light Rail Project

Crenshaw Project Website

The Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Project is an 8.5-mile, $1.3B light rail project that extends from the existing Metro Exposition Line to the Metro Green Line in downtown Los Angeles, California. Walsh-Shea Corridor Constructors (WSCC), a joint-venture between Walsh Construction and J.F. Shea, is currently under contract to the LA County Metropolitan Authority (Metro) to design and construct the project. Sally helped the WSCC team through a significant re-organization of the ~150-person team in late summer 2017; she facilitated numerous sessions to help them clarify roles and responsibilities within the construction organization; and she continues her work with this project today, providing management and leadership training as well as career coaching to the project leaders as they are growing into their new roles.

crenshaw project

Green Line Extension Project Boston, Massachusetts

green line extension project
green line extension project map

4.3 Mile, $1.09B Lump Sum, Design-Build Light Rail Project

GLXC Website

Green Line Extension Constructors (GLXC) is a four-partner consortium of Fluor Enterprises, Inc.; Middlesex Corp.; Herzog Contracting Corp.; and Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc., currently under contract to the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to design and build the Green Line Extension project, extending the current Green Line light rail by 4.3 miles. Sally provided an initial team building and project alignment session with the project’s top 25 managers and leaders in early 2018 as the team was kicking off this $1.09B lump-sum, design-build project. Results included development of a Project Charter for the team to rally behind, definition of the critical success factors to ensure the charter is successfully achieved, as well as a review of roles and responsibilities of key functions on the project. Sally’s work with this team continues today, as she is scheduled to perform follow-up sessions with the GLXC team and the design engineering team to enhance the effectiveness of their relationships throughout 2018.

Modern Times, Inc. Los Angeles, California

Corporate Strategic Planning & Leadership Coaching

Modern Times Website

Modern Times, Inc. (MTI) is a consulting business that provides community outreach and disadvantaged and small business program compliance services to private and public sector projects. MTI engaged Sally Magee Consulting for strategic planning services in November 2014 for this rapidly growing small business. She obtained feedback and buy-in from key personnel in the company and facilitated two all-day sessions to help the company develop their vision statement, “We take the burden off the compliance and public relations challenges to help our clients maintain a positive public image.” Sally helped them establish goals that will make their vision a reality as well as actions to help them overcome obstacles in the way. Sally’s relationship with Modern Times, Inc. continues today, as she is helping the company prepare their 2020 Vision & Strategic Plan; she is also providing strengths-based leadership coaching for the company’s senior leaders.

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Vogtle Units 3 & 4 Waynesboro, Georgia

vogtle project skyview

$25B+ Nuclear Power Plant Project

Georgia Power Website

This project presented unique challenges, especially in the realm of culture, engagement and morale. Eight years in and only 30% complete in construction, project cost and schedule were major concerns. Sally helped the new construction contractor team integrate with the legacy workforce, the designer and owner teams. She facilitated numerous alignment sessions, reigniting the energy for the project and motivating the leadership team. A new project vision and mission statement was developed that the leaders could stand behind. A day-long leadership summit was designed for project’s top 200+ managers and supervisors to get the next layer of leadership on-board. Leaders were committed to the new “One Team, One Vision: Building the Future of Nuclear Power in America” mantra.

Purple Line Metro Expansion Maryland

$5.6B, 16-mile Public-Private Partnership (P3) light rail project

Purpleline MD Website

This project kicked off in mid-2016 and will include 16 miles of new light rail between Bethesda and New Carrollton, Maryland, known as the “Purple Line.” Sally designed and facilitated a partnering session between the Design-Build, Operations & Maintenance, and project financing teams. The P3 contractual vehicle is complex, with each entity having competing priorities and business drivers.This partnering session was designed to align the three internal entities, comprised of nine different companies, prior to commencing a formal partnering effort with the project owner.

purple line metro map

Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC Tarrytown, New York

$3.9B design-build, lump sum bridge project

New NY Bridge Website

Project to replace the aging Tappan Zee bridge crossing the Hudson River. Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC is the consortium specifically assembled to execute the project, and includes Fluor Enterprises, Inc., American Bridge Co., Granite Construction NE, and Traylor Bros., Inc. Sally was brought in at the pre-bid phase as a partnering facilitator and continued into project execution.

Sally conducted numerous multi-day partnering sessions with various project stakeholders throughout the life of the project. Sessions included developing vision and mission statements, defining critical success factors, identifying barriers and mitigation strategies, clarifying roles and responsibilities, establishing limits of decision making authorities, streamlining work processes and procedures, dealing with team conflict, and team building.