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Herbert Morgan, P.E.

Former CEO, Purple Line Transit Partners - website
Senior Vice President, Fluor (retired) - website

“I have had the privilege of working directly with Sally on several of our multiple billion dollar Public-Private-Partnership (P3) Infrastructure projects in her role as director of organizational development. These are difficult projects involving multiple partners and stakeholders with differing views and objectives. Sally was outstanding in getting all the different views on the table and arriving at an alignment of the parties that focused on successful execution and delivery of the project. An example of this would be the $5.6B Purple Line light rail P3 project in Maryland, where Sally:

  • Designed and facilitated a project partnering session for the P3 consortium, Purple Line Transit Partners
  • Objectively considered the perspectives and competing business drivers of the Concessionaire, the Design-Build and the O&M teams, totaling nine different companies that are involved in the project
  • Helped the team navigate through sensitive personnel issues and address the ‘elephant in the room’ that no one wanted to tackle head-on
  • Results of the session were improved relationships among the P3 partners; and the team was better equipped and positioned for successful partnering efforts with the project’s Owner.”

Maureen Price, P. Eng.

Chairperson, Western U.S. Regional Talent Development Team &
Lead, Technology and Execution Council, Fluor Corporation - website

"I’m happy to write a recommendation for my colleague, Sally Magee, 'StrengthsFinder Consultant Extraordinaire,' who is certified by Gallup as a Strengths Coach. Sally has many more credentials as well, including 20 years in engineering and construction. I worked with Sally at Fluor, where she made a remarkable difference in our Southern California regional office as the lead for Talent Development. In fact, she is the one who got me on the StrengthsFinder bandwagon! Sally used the StrengthsFinder assessment with our Talent Development Team (TDT) so we could all see first-hand, the power of using this tool to understand our own natural talents. Not only did we use it with the Executive TDT, but Sally also spearheaded an initiative for all of our high potential employees and their mentors to use the assessment to improve their mentor/protégé relationships. Sally and I also did a one-on-one Strengths coaching session where she helped me understand my Top 5 talents and how to better leverage them in my work and life. Sally brings value in so many ways to the organizations that she touches."

Jeff Mays, Project Manager

Walsh-Shea Corridor Constructors - website

"Sally Magee has been a tremendous resource for the Crenshaw Project team. Sally was brought in to assist and consult on a highly complex project with a team that was in the midst of transition. One of Sally’s first priorities when she joined our team was supporting management in developing a higher performing organizational structure. Since that time, Sally has reinforced efforts to continuously improve the organizational structure of the team. Another of Sally’s primary responsibilities on the project has been working with and coaching high potential employees. Sally’s style of building trust and open communication has assisted both the employees she is coaching as well as management in developing learning plans for these high potential employees. Sally has also facilitated numerous alignment and partnering sessions internally amongst project departments as well as with key project subcontractors. Her ability to ask the tough questions and get to the core of the issues has helped resolve stalemates and build the framework for stronger teamwork on the project. I would strongly recommend Sally Magee Consulting to anyone looking to build a higher performing team."

Clyde Joseph, P.E.

Project Executive, Green Line Extension Constructors (GLXC) - website

“I’ve known Sally from her work in the industry and immediately thought of calling her to help me get this new light rail project in Boston kicked off on the right foot. Multi-partner, multi-billion-dollar projects have unique challenges, and this is Sally’s specialty. In our initial alignment meeting, Sally facilitated an exercise for the team to develop the Project Charter, an important first step in getting everyone pointed in the right direction. We also spent time clarifying the roles and responsibilities for the key functions on the project, which was especially critical for this 4-company team, to ensure everyone has clear understanding not only their own responsibilities, but what each of the other players on the project do. Sally’s partnering and facilitation skills are outstanding! Her engineering and construction background are also extremely helpful – not only does she understand how projects are built, but also the technical conversations that occur during the sessions she’s facilitating. I would want Sally to be a part of any multi-billion-dollar project that I’m leading.”

John West

Project Manager, Green Line Extension Constructors (GLXC) - website
Project Manager, Herzog Contracting Corp. - website

“Thanks for another round of successful alignment meetings. Your approach to the meetings, combined with your coaching style and preparedness, ensure the meetings are both effective and enjoyable. Our success in coming together as a cohesive team is partly attributable to you and I sincerely appreciate all you’ve done. I look forward to future sessions.”

"Three Keys for Effective Presentations”

Training Course

Sally recently facilitated a training session entitled, “Three Keys for Effective Presentations” at a client’s office. Here’s what some of the participants had to say:

  • “The dynamic presentation style of Sally is a lesson in and of itself in how to properly present a topic!”
  • “Great articulation, intonation and energy for the topic!”
  • “Energetic, Informative, and Entertaining”

Bill Hall

Project Director, Fluor Corporation - website

“I would highly recommend Sally Magee Consulting for project partnering and organizational development services. Sally did an exceptional job taking us through one of the best partnering sessions that I have ever attended. Sally is a superb facilitator and a real treat to work with. She was able to get the tough and uncomfortable issues before the group and was able to get us to work together toward solutions without anyone getting defensive or shutting down. We are looking forward to keeping the momentum up for our people and continuing to work with Sally as we progress to the next phase of this project.”

Michael Weatherred, CSP

Director, Safety & Security, Green Line Extension Constructors (GLXC) - website

“I have been working with Sally in the realm of people development, team development and project partnering since 2014. The work with her has ranged from leadership development conferences to team building and alignment on multi-billion dollar projects with very large and diverse teams formed by personnel from a myriad of companies. Sally has an uncanny ability to identify the strengths and opportunities for development in both individuals and teams; and then leverage both for betterment. Time spent with Sally has benefitted me and my teams to a great extent. She is passionate about what she does, a dedicated professional with a thorough knowledge of the tools and techniques applicable to her craft. Teams who have the opportunity to session with Sally will be in the company of a talented and prepared facilitator. She understands what needs to be done and knows how to propel to the next level. It is always a pleasure to spend time with Sally and one will always come away from time with Sally having grown. Thank you, Sally.”

"CliftonStrengths Team Dynamics Workshop”


Sally recently facilitated a CliftonStrengths® workshop with a client’s leadership team. 100% of respondents rated the workshop as “Very good” or “Excellent.” In addition, 100% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that after participating in the CliftonStrengths® Team Dynamics workshop, they had a better appreciation of their own natural talents and strengths and those of my colleagues. Here are a few comments from the participants:

  • “Sally did an excellent job of going through the materials and making it relevant.”
  • “I enjoyed learning about myself and my colleagues.”
  • “We’re well on our way to a successful project and these alignment efforts will be recognized as an important part of our team’s cohesiveness.”
  • “By electing to share their results, I can now have a better approach when dealing with my colleagues.”
  • “Sally - you did a great job. You definitely know the subject very well and you have very good presentation skills.”