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Magee Leadership Solutions
Building peak-performance teams ♦ Developing high-impact leaders

Consulting Services


Project Partnering

Sally brings project teams together to articulate their vision and mission, determine critical success factors to achieve the vision, brainstorm obstacles and mitigation strategies, and clarify roles and responsibilities and decision-making authorities. Partnering sessions are recommended as strategic relationships are forming, projects kick-off and at periodic points during project execution to ensure continued alignment.


Leadership Coaching

The Clifton StrengthsFinder® and MBTI® tools are used to open the window of self-awareness. A deeper understanding of why leaders behave a certain way and what their natural talents bring to the table – not only enhances their work performance but also improves relationships inside and outside of work. Coaching is beneficial at all career levels – from those just starting out, to those experiencing a career change, as well as high potential and executive leaders.

Team Hands In

Team Building & Organizational Alignment

Would you describe your team as a “peak-performance” team? Having the right people in the right seats, clarity on roles and responsibilities and effective communication skills are absolutely critical. Sally also uses the CliftonStrengths® and MBTI® tools to help develop your team help you build your team for optimal performance.


Strategic Planning

From small businesses to large corporations and projects, having a solid strategic plan is your roadmap for success. It helps team members stay pointed in the right direction to achieve your vision. Though facilitated sessions, Sally will help you and your team develop your strategic business plan, articulate your vision and put you on a path to make the vision become a reality.


Management and Leadership Training

From one-hour “lunch-and-learn” sessions to half-day, full-day or multi-day courses, Sally teaches a host of management and leadership courses. Topics include Time Management, Presentation Skills, Leading and Coaching Others, Delegation Skills, Communication Styles, Goal Setting, Meeting Management, to name a few.


Employee Engagement

What do your employees really think about working in your organization? Sally custom designs employee engagement surveys to get to the heart of what matters to your employees. She works with leaders to help them understand the results and put together action plans to transform your team into a peak-performance organization.


Talent Management

Do you know who your top talent are? Your competition does! Sally will custom-design a talent management program to attract, develop and retain your top talent.


Conflict Resolution

Sometimes people just can’t get along. Competing priorities and business drivers can impact the function of a team, resulting in strained relationships, lower productivity and reduced profits. Resolving this conflict is essential to restoring team productivity and effectiveness.


Organizational Change Management (OCM)

When a company, project, or individual is undergoing significant change – whether it is a new work process or key behavior change – employing OCM techniques will ensure the change is understood, executable, and sustained over time.


Communication Styles Workshop

Everyone has a preferred style of communication, whether it’s direct, reserved, collaborative or analytical. This interactive workshop enables participants to identify their own communication style, provides a framework to determine others’ styles, and keys to adjust one’s own style to communicate more effectively with others.